Beard Care: 3 Things You Need to Know When Growing Full Beards

Date Posted:28 October 2019 

1. Have the patience to actually grow a beardWhen beard growing, you have to give your scruff the chance to flourish. And know that itchiness and the facial hair "not growing rightly" are part of the process. According to barbers, allow your facial hair to grow steadily for three weeks so you'll be able to gauge your beard's potential, and the kind of beard that goes well with your looks. 

Additionally, if you want to sport a full beard, get acquainted with the stuff that will keep your fuzz clean and healthy-looking as well as soft-feeling. Aside from your shaving and aftershave lotions, add in beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, trimmer, brush, comb, and tons of others. Know what products work for and suit you.

Caring for Facial Hair

2. Give your facial hair the care it needs to keep it healthy. If you want to go for a full beard, you have to make sure you're ready for the kind of care it needs. Facial hair needs proper care to keep it healthy.

Beards are germ carriers so you have to make sure of its proper care to avoid facial breakouts and the like. Proper beard care includes washing, conditioning, and combing your beard on a daily basis.

3. Beard maintenance should be on a weekly basisBeard care is more finicky compared to hair care. You can do the other on an "every other week" basis but beard maintenance has to be done weekly.

A good-looking beard doesn't come by accidentally. Want to have great-looking scruffs like the ones sported by male models and actors? These guys actually have facial hair care routine they follow to have these kinds of beards. You have to be willing to go through all the work to achieve one. And at Chisel and Charm, we've made it easier for you to find products that will greatly help you in your beard care and maintenance.