5 Simple Tips On How to Trim a Beard

Date Posted:24 September 2021 


There's no undo button for bad trimming, that's why you need to be extra careful in trimming your beard if you don’t want to shave it completely.


The best way to trim your beard is to start with the longest hair length and bring it down gradually.



Here are more tips on how to trim your beard:


1. Use A Comb
Comb your beard when in the shower to exfoliate the skin beneath your facial hair and to straighten your hairs for easier trimming.


Source: https://www.menshealth.com/style/a19547564/shaving-beard/



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2. Keep It Clean and Soft

A dry, dirty beard isn't ideal for obvious reasons. But it's especially bad when it comes time for a trim. So keep it clean. First, wash with a beard shampoo, because your face skin is different from your scalp, and it's best to have something purpose-built for the occasion. Then, condition. It'll soften things up and make the next step a lot easier.

Source: https://www.esquire.com/style/grooming/a4429/how-to-trim-a-beard/

3. Trim Your Face First

If your beard is longer than half an inch, use clippers to remove the tougher hairs. Then, use a trimmer to whittle it down some more. “We recommend taking the guards off and gently scooping away beard hair to leave only the stubble beneath,” Gilman says. “It’s usually a mistake to razor off any significant beard growth, as the razor will fill up with long hair, start pulling and you could end up with nicks and cuts. Clip off all serious shrubbery, then let a razor and shaving products do their job.”


Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/style/6-tips-for-shaving-a-beard/shave-after-you-shower/


4.  Don’t Trim Wet Beard

Always trim your beard when it’s dry, since this is how it’s going to look when you wear it out in the world.



Source: https://www.gq.com/story/beard-grooming-facial-hair-shaving-trimming


5. Define your neckline

For the perfect beard neckline, put a finger horizontally just above your Adam’s Apple and trim a vertical strip below this line. Work outwards under your jawline to one side, then return to the center and work your way to the other side. You’re only excused from this step if you’re sporting stubble: if you’re trimming a full beard, the neckline matters.



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