3 Common Mistakes When Washing Your Beard

Date Posted:20 May 2022 


How do you wash your beard? Most common answer is pretty straightforward, get some soap, lather up, rinse and go about your day.

As much as we would want this routine to work, there are some tweaks that will make a noticeable difference in the health of your beard.


Not using a Beard Wash

“The harsh chemicals in bath soaps – and most shampoos – are too aggressive for the skin on your face and facial hair. Switch to a specially formulated Face + Beard Wash. It will vanquish the grit and grime on your skin and beard without compromising your skin’s pH balance or microbiome.” - stubbleandstache.com



Not using the right water temperature 

Water temperature can be too hot or too cold for your beard.

“Even with all the right products and a healthy beard washing schedule, water that is too hot can quickly make everything go downhill. This is bad news for your beard, causing a range of issues from dry hair to inflammation and irritation on the skin underneath. It's best to stick to cool or lukewarm washes to keep your beard fresh without the added irritation.” - zeusbeard.com



Washing your beard too often

“For those asking, how often should I wash my beard? In general, you should wash your beard 2-3 times per week. When you wash your hair, you could be stripping away your natural oils. Doing this too often can leave your beard and skin dry.” - cremocompany.com



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